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Marketing your Fund for AUM Growth needs a Playbook! 🏈 🏆

1st - You've launched the fund!

The fund has seed capital or friends and family.

** Game On ** ⌛ ⏳

Focus on a more important matter >> Prioritize the # of investors over dollars invested <<

Initially measure your success by how many investors have chosen you... NOT 🚫 dollars raised, AUM ‼

Now for the math:

You convince 5 investors, each gives you $3 mm. 🎉

>> The typical fund investor doesn't want to be more than 20% of your AUM. If you have $15 mm in seed capital, 20% is a $3 mm allocation per investor. So those 5 investors give you $15 mm. They can top up...

Your AUM is now $30 mm. You doubled!

>> You call all your prospects. Tell them about the 5 investors you are helping, tell them the impact stories. You get 5 more investors. BUT now a 20% allocation is $6 mm per, so you add another $30 mm.

You've got 10 investors and you are at $60 mm AUM. Another double. ⚾

>> You call your original investors to tell them about the new 5. The original can now top up. 20% on $60 mm is $12 mm so those original 5 who were at $3 mm can go up to $12 mm each. Another $9 mm each which adds $45 mm.

You're at $105 mm in AUM.. ( The magic 🃏 threshold! )

From 10 investors...

And those original 5 at $3 mm started it all

Why... Because you focused on the right thing - # of investors

You've crossed one of the most important AUM milestones 🎇 🎉 🏆

Remember the why ⬆ Use # of investors, not $ raised

Your investors will grow with you #growth 🔁

Reach out to us if you need our assistance with your capital and marketing needs or

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