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Operational and Investment Due Diligence Serivices

Uncompromising, Results Driven Due Diligence

Over the years, Clearglass has developed a process to become a leading expert in operational due diligence. We have been sought out to tackle the most complex kinds of operational and investment due diligence's.

Who we serve

We work with family offices, hedge fund of funds, high-net worth individuals, hedge funds, private equity, real estate funds, registered investment advisers, endowments and foundations, asset allocators, and other investors.

For each client, we start a dialogue to make sure primary concerns are completely understood. We work with investors to set goals in order to provide our clients with the information needed to make informed investment decisions. On the fund side, we help identify the weaknesses in fund operations. Then we work with our clients to mitigate them.

What we do

For us, operational due diligence is more than just a findings reports. It’s about providing ongoing advice beyond the initial review. We takes a deep dive into every aspect of operations and sets periodic assessment triggers to ensure our due diligence remains up-to-date.

We use industry leading practices to analyze complex investment structures and operating environments. In addition, we have our own comprehensive tools and methodologies built in to our processes. Proprietary due diligence reveals the operations information you need based on industry best practices.

How we do it

Clearglass relies on decades of deep industry experience in numerous areas, including investment management, operations, technology, compliance, finance, fund administration, prime brokerage and more. Our experience enables us to understand “the big picture” for every due diligence review. We also don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  That’s why we customize each review based on our client’s needs, scope and objective.

Areas of expertise
  •   Strategy and Asset Suitability

  •   Manager Background

  •   Policies and Procedures

  •   Fund Structure

  •   Corporate Governance


  •  Know Your Customer (KYC)

  •   Fund AUM and Asset Distribution

  •   Technology Solutions

  •   Service Providers/External Controls

  •   Mock Due Diligence Assessment

Outsourced COO

Outsourced Hedge Fund COO, Middle Office Operations & Trade Support

Due Diligence
Consulting & Strategy

Operational & Investment Due Diligence Services. Start Up & Wind Down Services

 Capital Raising & Marketing Material

There are multiple components involved in building a winning strategy

Start Up & Wind Down Services: Strategy & Consulting

Increase Efficiencies, Performance and Enhancing Entire Organisations

Drawing on deep industry experience and exhaustive research, we collaborate with alternative asset management firms, traditional financial services firms, and other business entities to develop practical strategies that capitalize on opportunities presented by complex and uncertain financial markets.

Who we serve

We partner with senior executives and key stakeholders of investment management firms and financial services firms to carefully weigh possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select a strategic vision with the strongest potential for stakeholder value and success.

What we do

Business planning and implementation can be complex, time consuming, and highly sensitive. At Clearglass, our seasoned consultants provide solutions through corporate-level, growth-oriented operational strategies.

Our extensive array of services includes start-up infrastructure and service provider selection, technology selection and implementation, fund wind down, investment liquidation, among several other offerings.

How we do it

Clearglass's approach stems from a deep emphasis on our strong compliance expertise and decades of experience advising investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and a variety of other financial institutions. 
This wealth of experience enables us to provide every client with insights and guidance that are unique and innovative. At Clearglass, we approach business strategy by finding exceptional, customized solutions for our clients that bolster their organizational efficiencies and their operational performance.

Areas of expertise
  •   Operations Strategy & Transformation

  •   Growth Strategy

  •   Business Continuity Management

  •   Operations & Infrastructure

  •   Technology & System Selection

  •   COO Services


  •   Liquidity Services

  •   Fund Wind Down

  •   Internal Control Reviews

  •   Mergers & Acquisitions

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