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Should you use a placement agent on your next fund

SHOULD YOU? Two questions to ask before deciding... 🤔 🥇 Do you have an internal sales team, IR etc... Can they cover all the global locations you wish to be #raisingcapital 🥈 Are you willing to spend on having the best #storytelling and #innovation plan to get in front of the relationships for a successful raise? 1️⃣ Find a placement agent that knows exactly who in the LP universe you a match. 💯 the most valuable thing you can get out of it. 2️⃣ Completing due diligence requests from LPs is much easier when it’s outsourced to an agent. 3️⃣ Having them all year-round is also a benefit, especially for GPs with smaller IR teams 4️⃣ Agents are also useful in extending the GP’s distribution capacity and coverage, especially if the preference is to tap specific geographies or investor types. 5️⃣ Placement agents who have evolved their business lines typically do better than others it’s no longer just LP introductions these days. This means advising on secondaries, co-investments, and NAV facilities, to name a few. 👨🏼‍💼 That's why we believe our model covers these aspects and more. Please reach out to us at For Investment Banking Visit: Diagram on relationships below 👇🏼 Thanks Carmela Mendoza #alternativeinvestments #innovation #privatemarkets #privateequity #hedgefunds #startups

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