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Is Fundraising like Tinder?

❤️ Instant matches. 🧐 Awkward job-like interviews. 👻 Ghosting after a perfect 1st date. 5 tips for successfully raising millions #1 Build Rapport with some, Forget the others. If they share your vision & values, they will invest. Are you building what they wish to see tomorrow? The ones that don't, don't (invest). And that's fine! There's a lot of investors in the sea. Just be ready to take these hard hits. Out of 1200 people contacted, only 76 said yes to a meeting. It hurts like daggers to have some of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world tell you 'no'. It requires SO MUCH emotional resilience to take 10 calls after hundreds of No's. Show up anyway full of positive energy and confidence EVERY DAY for months. #2 Use the power of socials. I used LinkedIn BUT should use it more. Tell the Story... Be open and inviting

Put the real 'YOU' out there with no barriers.. It's a game of receiving if you give. #3 A good fundraiser is a good writer. Being clear, concise, and emotional. Write every single investor a short personal message telling them WHY I believe they would be a good fit. You got it right: Being able to write why is key. You're help them meet their financial goals, & shape the future of the planet. #4 Trust comes from data. Investors don't like to take risks blindly. The smart money takes calculated risks. You need data to prove your business or investment thesis will work. We launched several events, buitl email lists, made hundreds of calls, to have a handful of clients invest. This turned out to relevant partnerships with the institutions and people running them,

While continuing to run marketing campaigns...

THEN... The big one that gets the results You need to turn the data into... #5 Storytelling. Why do founders understand our client's pain? → We also need to be psychologists (not only finance nerds). → Be passionate about what you bring to the table. → Be transparent and honest so the people who vibe with you (#1) are genuinely connected to you.

Find your story. Craft it. Test it.

God knows how much you're gonna share it. # Bonus: Have fun. Give your investors a good time. Joking, being vulnerable, still being professional while having fun. They need to get a super smooth experience from start to finish. Now get that Capital or hire us to help you!

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