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15 Strategies to Help Close More Transactions

Even if you already know many of these strategies, use this as a helpful reminder of what to refocus on and what to get better at...

  1. Only focus on investments that have 2 - 3 compelling features.

  2. Constantly try to double your quality deal flow so that your top 1% of deals are exceptional.

  3. Focus on saving the proprietors equity and saving investors' fees and undue tax liabilities.

  4. Add value first, interest will be inevitable.

  5. Focus on 1 business model or 1 - 2 niche areas and specialize your valuation, due diligence, and value-add approach to grow returns.

  6. Try to allocate niche, business owner, asset owner, and investor groups. It takes 10,000 hours of focus on any niche to become great.

  7. Build a robust investor funnel and deal flow funnel that has many parts, and attracts opportunities first, exclusively, and at better valuations.

  8. Create thought leadership that's unique and genuine to grow your network.

  9. Integrity is Power and Character is Faith. Figure out every day, month and quarter how to make your team more aligned with where you want to go.

  10. Study on how to influence and better communicate to spread good ideas further and faster.

  11. Make sure you have your key visuals dialed in while speaking, sending investment offerings to partners, or securing JV partners.

  12. Always protect your downside and structure custom deals and agreements to align everyone involved.

  13. Focus on education rather than selling when you meet with somebody so that they are sold on working with you due to the depth of your expertise.

  14. Always keep in mind that all investing is about conviction, comfort level, and trust.

  15. Structure a much more attractive deal than the average. If you are structuring deals like everyone else, you are losing money, momentum, or both.

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